Bridge the gap between data and non-technical users.

Get the insights you need, when and where they need them.

Why Zoomer ? 2
Why Zoomer ? 3

Data should be source of collaboration, not frustration.

Companies have invested a lot into collecting and processing data, but they still face major issues when sharing it to end-users:

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Business people wait too long to get data and answers

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Data teams get overwhelmed by ad hoc requests

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Large chunks of data are never analyzed due to silos

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BI teams struggle to share one Point of Truth

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Data project adoption remains weak

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Decision Leaders lack confidence when they have to use data

Companies know that their success depends on their ability to adapt and respond to critical situations in no time

But business people lack tools to help them make such decisions

Discover ZoomerProviding data answers to your business people. Instantly.

Zoomer is a complete solution that empower non data-experts with analytics capabilities.

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Simple as a Search

No more waiting for accessing data, focus on growth instead
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Power to the people

Business Analytics platform designed to engage your non-data experts
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Enterprise ready

Responding to current data literacy challenges

Bring Benefits to all your teams

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Business Teams

Never lose time waiting for reports

Making decisions is a tough job. With natural language analytics, get the data and insights you need to drive faster growth .

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Big picture anytime, anywhere.

Zoomer gives Executives an agile way to identify weak signals in complex environments with their own data analyst, available 24/7.

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Data Analysts

More time to focus on your core job

No more pilling ad hoc requests distracting you from running more complex and critical analysis.

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Why Zoomer?

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