eCommerce & Retail

Augmented analytics for eCommerce & retail managers

Zoomer powers your sales and marketing decisions. From 360° customer view to sales analysis and segmentations, we can help you make the decisions that will increase your performance

Natural Language analytics

Talk to your data

With the simplicity of search, Sales and Marketing teams no longer have to wait for days to analyze their Kpis.

From brand managers to store ops and merchants, everyone can now pull their own data without friction.


Data Sharing

Blazing fast reporting

Align your teams around common goals by tracking and sharing unified KPIs at your company level. Build trust into your analytical stack so that everyone can have the right tools to make decisions.

Self-Service analytics your business users will love ❤️

We deliver insights instantly, in a simple and accessible way.

Data Modelization

Up to 70% of Ad hoc reporting streamlined

With instant data access and modelling, Zoomer frees your Data teams from the burden of Ad Hoc analysis so they can focus on more complex tasks.


Make more of your eCommerce data

Retail & eCommerce 1

Customer analysis

Find insights in your data to offer customized experiences for each customer.
Retail & eCommerce 2

Campaigns analytics

Identify the reasons behind your campaign performance to improve it over time.

Retail & eCommerce 3

Trends Identification

Analyze your products and brand data to find trending behavior & cross-sale opportunities.
Retail & eCommerce 4

User behavior

Identify customer segments likely to be ambassadors or churners.
Retail & eCommerce 5

SKU optimization

Analyze top and challenging products, and plan your product activities accordingly.
Retail & eCommerce 6

Customer Support

Offer a state of the art Customer Support and track NPS over time

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