Search-Driven Analytics

Give your team access to data and insights instantly

Discover the power of Business intelligence from a simple search bar.

Why Zoomer?

Because we want you to avoid this kind of conversation…

Search Analytics 1


Stop searching for data. Just google it.

Enable non-technical decision makers to explore data using their own language


Talk to your data

  • NZoomer provides a “Google-Like” search interface where everyone can ask questions and retrive visualizations instantly.
  • NWe turn your teams Natural Language questions into visual and contextual charts. No technical knowledge needed.
  • NExplore insights and speed up your reporting in full autonomy.


Answer questions you did not think to ask

On top of our search bar, your team can just use our Search assistant. It makes it easy for anyone to explore your data, by generating questions automatically from your datasource.


More time for your data analysts

Remove Ad hoc requests

We handle the “what” to give you more time to uncover the “why” and focus on complex tasks.

Smart Joins & Modelling

Zoomer detects your table relationships, and automatically writes complex queries for you.

Your central place of knowledge

We provide a simple interface to deploy your point of truth and share data work across your organization.


Never wait for a report anymore.

Curious to try?

Talk to one of our BI experts and see how Zoomer can help your team make the most of their data.