Our mission:

To enable everyone to answer their own data questions.

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Why Zoomer?

Data analysis shouldn’t be a difficult or time-consuming process.

👉 Truth is it still is:

⌛ Days to get actionnable answers 

It get increasingly difficult for business people to access and understand their ever-growing data.

😩 Increasing requests to analysts

As new questions arise, data analysts get swamped by Adhoc requests.

💥 Data Chaos brings repetitive work and lack of simplicity

People can’t find the right data to use resulting in untaped data potential

Meet your AI-powered data analyst


Answer up to 70% of requests instantly


Share a single point of truth with confidence

Data Literacy

Information your team can fully understand

Our Team

About Us 2

Marie Serradori

Co-founder and CEO

Data Digger 📊

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Paul-Louis Barbier

Co-founder and CTO

Python Tamer 🐍

About Us 4

Ariel Eddie Guidi

Machine Learning Engineer

NLP Explorer 🧠

About Us 5

Fanny Dureux

Front-End Developer

Design Astronaut 👨‍🚀

They support us 

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