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Zoomer supercharges your non-data teams with instant access to data and insights they need to make decisions, using Natural Language analytics.

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Search AnalyticsBreak the SQL barrier and make your data instantly accessible

Zoomer gives your team a whole new way to explore the data they need to make decisions without having to send a request to data analysts

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Talk with your data

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Instant Visualization

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SQL query generator

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All the features you need to make data literacy a reality
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Question generatorFrom reactive to proactive analysis

Our Search Wizzard generates questions automatically from your database to help the non-data people answer questions they did not think about.

  • NNo code generated questions to help your analysis
  • NUncover new opportunities hidden in your data
  • NDifferent analysis view: Basic, Top/bottom analysis, etc.

Business GlossaryClose the Data knowledge gap

With Zoomer, you can connect and write all your KPIs definitions in a single place. Create the perfect and understandable knowledge base for non expert with our Business Glossary.

  • NBuild a single point of truth
  • NTeach business users about definitions and data terms
  • NConduct a data literacy strategy for all type of data
search analytics dashboard builder

No-code DashboardCreate the reports you need in seconds

  • NGather insights and create complex reports without previous data knowledge
  • NEasily visualize your results in various formats and customize it to match your needs
  • NShare your data findings with colleagues and external partners, or schedule email reports

From upload to insights in seconds

Because your time matters


Connect your data

Zoomer supports major SQL databases and third party tools


Ask your questions

No worries about SQL, we do all the work for you to give you the best visualization


Create your report instantly

Aggregate insights into dashboards with a single click


Share and take actions

Invite your team to your content and use these insights to improve your strategy.

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Analyze your performance in minutes

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