Your company data instantly accessible with search.

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Ask business question in natural language and receive visual answers to increase your performance.

    The days where you had to wait for answers are gone.

    Meet your new data assistant.

    Query and extract your data autonomously from real questions with our intuitive search interface.

    Selecting and customizing data visualization can take time. That is why we automatically creates the best chart to answer your question.

    Zoomer understands your company vocabulary to help you onboard any non-data experts.

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    Democratize data at every level of your organisation

    Business Managers

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    Smarter decisions at your fingertips

    Making decisions is a tough job. With natural language analytics, get the data and insights you need to drive faster growth and uncover hidden opportunities.

    Data Teams

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    More time to Focus on complex analysis

    Pilling ad hoc requests are a nightmare for Data Teams. We give them a simpler way to focus on their core and complex tasks.


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    get the full picture whenever you want
    Zoomer gives Executives an agile way to be proactive and to identify weak signals in complex environments. At every time of the day.

    These situations look familiar?

    We are here to discuss your specific goals.

    360° ANALYTICS

    Make all your data searchable

    Our natural language analytics platform can be plugged to all your favorite tools. Never lose time logging in and off your apps. Deploy, centralise and explore your data to get a fully comprehensive view of your business.
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    Natural Language analytics

    Streamline your reporting and collaboration

    No code Dashboarding

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    Non-technical teams now have a way to create and share valuable insights without having to wait for IT.

    Zoomer offers a lot visualisations and simple options to build beautiful renders in seconds.

    Share your dashboards with teammates or schedule email reports to monitor your data at any time.

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