People don’t need dashboards. They need answers

Zoomer is the fastest way to diagnose not only “What” is happening with your business but “Why” your metrics are changing.

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Dashboards won’t help you understand why things changed

With more data being collected today than ever before, business users are left overwhelmed with data. In the short term, dashboards look good, but they quickly become irrelevant whenever users ask new questions or want to understand why certain metrics are changing.

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The data storytelling platform that gets you to the “why”.

Zoomer streamlines all the tedious parts of data analysis. Powered with AI, we bring insights into the hands of every user in a clear and understandable way, so they can focus on the decisions that matter.

Ask your own questions

Democratize data exploration with Zoomer intuitive Google-like search interface. Let your team visualize insights from simple questions, whatever their technical skills.

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Interpret analysis with ease

Zoomer adds AI-generated stories to the visualizations so that anyone can understand, improving data adoption across your organization.
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Uncover the “Why” behind your data

Zoomer Generates Analysis from the ground to help you understand the key factors driving business impact. Answer complex questions like “why are my customer churning” x1000 faster without losing time on manual slice and dice inside dashboards or SQL.
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Read your data journal everyday.

Instead of forcing users to read generic information on a dashboard, Zoomer will provide them with a personalised data journal of what’s going on with their KPIs.
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Remove the friction between data and decisions

Are you looking to reduce the time taken to find insights in your data, whilst increasing their quality? Zoomer is here to help your people work smarter with data, not harder.

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Get insights without the headache

Never wait for the “why” or get buried into dashboards anymore. Analyze data continuously and receive clear actionable insights on what’s changed in your data.

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Save hundreds of hour every month

Slicing and dicing data with dashboards or SQL is a  tedious process. Use Zoomer to automate these repetitive tasks and answer all requests x1000 faster.

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Analyze billions of combinations hidden in your data.

Built to analyze massive amount of data, Zoomer seamlessly connects with your modern data stack in minutes.

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Your data security is our priority

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AWS Hosting infrastructures in France 🇫🇷  and certified ISO 27001, SOC 1,2,3. Learn More

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Data Encryption

Encryption of data in transit and at rest through TLS 1.2 encryption, dataRDS and AES 256-bit encryption. Learn More

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We implemented 2FA authentication. SSO/SAML are also available for enterprise customers. Learn More

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