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Access your data instantly with search.

Ask business question in natural language and receive visual answers to increase your performance.

:détective_homme: Meet Zoomer

Your Natural Language data assistant.

natural language analytics platform

Ask your own questions

  • UTalk to your data

With Zoomer, you can get instant access to the right chart or data simply by typing your questions in English.

  • Best-Visualisation display

Zoomer understand your company vocabulary to offer the best guided experience to your employees

  • dIntelligent keyword suggestion

Your data is automatically displayed to you in a simple and visual form so that you can get insights faster

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dashboard builder

Create beautiful dashboards in minutes

  • No coding required

With our simple interface, anyone inside teams can create and share dashboards.

  • PAdd answers in One-Click

Found an interesting answer ? Simply add it to a dashboard in a click

  • jDeep customization

Zoomer offers more than 12 data visualisation types and a lot of options to build beautiful renders

data connectors

All your performance in one single place

Zoomer Natural Language analytics platform can be plugged to all your favorite tools. Never lose time logging in and off and start centralising all your data to analyze your whole business. 

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free time for your data analysts

Let your experts focus on the WHY, not the WHAT

are lost annually by Data experts to query Ad Hoc data for business people

🤝 They trust us

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